A regional leader in substance abuse treatment and counseling, Farnum Center offers a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services to the community. We are honored to help this non-profit agency with media and public relations services at all levels.  We also serve the agency by coordinating with local health care providers, city leaders and law enforcement.  Event organization, grassroots communications, and high level planning are all part of the work we do for the people of Farnum Center.


25 years of NASCAR racing, billions in economic impact and millions of visitors. New Hampshire Motor Speedway is a crown jewel of summer tourism in our state.  If you think the racing is fast, imagine the event planning all year long.  We offer an octane boost to communications with assistance in event planning and execution, connections to state and regional leaders to keep people informed about our events, social media strategy and content, and whatever else is needed to raise awareness about events and help sell tickets.  We are a proud partner in all things racing in Loudon!


Catholic Medical Center is a major contributor to quality health care services to under-served populations in greater Manchester.  CMC’s core mission is outreach.  We work with the hospital to raise awareness of programs and services through press events, internal and external marketing content, and by working as a liaison with city and business leaders to meet needs and improve care.  Our goal is to highlight the caregivers and new technology that will improve health care services for area residents and their families.


Manchester Community College is on the move.  MCC has recently expanded programs and invested in new facilities. The result has been a steady increase in enrollment with more graduates.  Community Colleges provide a huge opportunity for continuing education while offering a variety of degrees.  There is a lot happening at MCC. We work to support those activities through media relations, outreach to city and state leaders, and working with area business leaders who seek well-trained graduates. Our work ranges from press releases to event planning and ensuring MCC is positioned to make great contributions to higher education.


Public Relations –

We know exactly how newsrooms work. We have 30+ years combined experience in news. We know what makes news and who’s making the decisions about what to cover and when. We can help build a media strategy, write the press releases, refine the messages and most important – directly connect with the people.

Lobbying/Government Relations –

If you have to knock on the doors of New Hampshire government, you need someone who can open those doors and ensure your voice is heard. As a respected lobbyist and message strategist in Concord, Scott knows state leaders personally and can navigate bureaucracy to help connect you to the right people right away.

Crisis Management –

We have 30+ years of combined experience in radio and broadcast news in New Hampshire and another four years working with local business leaders and political strategists. The Spradling Group anticipates the tough questions corporate leaders often face.  You will get a plan for rebuilding corporate and institutional image and enhancing positive relations with the public, customers, opinion leaders, and the media.

Additional Services:

Web Videos
EMCEE/Public Speaking
Media Training


The Spradling Group is here to help you achieve your goals. From basic public and media relations, to message development and lobbying, we can help you break into the newsroom or lead conversations at the State House. We offer crisis management if you need help right now. The Spradling Group also has experience in television, radio, print and online advertising to service all your needs.